We work with you to customize your training session/workshop. Here are topics that may

help your nonprofit organization:

Strategic Planning Session

Every nonprofit needs a strategic plan. It does not have to be a lengthy document, but it

does need to happen. Your organization needs to know its vision, where it is going and

how it is going to get there. This is a full-day session that allows your board of directors to

establish goals, re-evaluate its mission statement, brainstorm and create a roadmap for

the coming months and years.

Creating a Comprehensive Communication Plan

This workshop also includes media training for your board of directors and spokespeople. 

We will build a communication and marketing plan for your organization - looking at everything from traditional media relations to social media. We'll look at your membership and all of your external targets (media, government agencies, potential members, donors, etc.). This training can be done in person or virtually. 

Board and Volunteer Engagement

​Do your board members need a shot of enthusiasm? Board burnout is real and must be

addressed if the organization wants to move forward. This workshop - full day or half day - focuses on re-energizing your board of directors and volunteers. The most important aspect of engagement is to find people's passion. What are they interested in working on and how can you incorporate that into your strategic plan? 

Board Roles and Responsibilities

Who does what and why? This session will help your board members understand their role

in advancing the mission. Staff and board members should both participate. This is a hands on workshop that covers best practices and helps you answer questions, such as "Should we have term limits?" 

​Have another topic in mind? Contact us at info@cunninghampr.com or (781) 223-4042 to discuss your specific needs. 

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